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Develop what you have learnt on LEVEL 1

In level 1 we looked at

  • How some of the specific functions of the body relate to the health of the whole.
  • What symptoms of illness are designed to do, how to help the body and deal with the real causes of illness.
  • How mind and body relate in health and illness.

In level 2 we take our learning a step further

  • How do illnesses become more serious is it due to dangerous microbes and how can we combat them.
  • Fevers – are they dangerous, if so when and what’s the best way to treat them ?
  • Allergies – why are they increasing so much? And how to treat and avoid them?
  • Chronic disease – Are there ways to avoid and treat the ever increasing risk of chronic disease?
  • More on the specifics of the emotions, how the different emotions affect different parts of the body
  • Inheritance – Do the consequences of our actions affect our children’s genes, how important is our inheritance, and is it possible to avoid the seemingly inevitable for ourselves and our children?
  • And finally, the lost role of the feminine perspective in health care … and what to do about that!

Simple steps to avoid long-term health problems

Level 2 developing on the ‘how and why’ of some simple holistic health techniques to enhance the health and well-being of yourself, your children and loved ones.

This knowledge is also vital for the health of the parent and opens up new possibilities in longevity and well-being when compared to a solely orthodox approach influenced by largely pharmaceutical methods.


Places are limited and so bookings have to be made in advance:

Brighton,UK Course
7.30 pm to 9.00 pm – (NEXT COURSE COMING SOON)

CALL Dyke Road Clinic Reception 01273 561844
Both sessions £30 (Couples £40 both sessions)
Credit/debit cards are accepted and 7 days notice must be given for cancellations


Brighton Course Venue:
The Dyke Road Natural Health Clinic, 274 Dyke Road, Brighton, BN1 5AE, UK




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