Three BIG Mistakes Most Mothers Make
That Cause them to Struggle with Their Child’s Health …
And How to Avoid These Forever

Three BIG Mistakes Most Mothers Make
That Cause Them to Struggle with Their Child’s Health …
And How to Avoid These Forever

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The Three BIG Mistakes

  1. Mothers don’t realise that they are often stopping their child’s essential healing reactions with some treatments, leading to recurrent and long-term problems.
  2. Mothers are commonly not focussed on the root causes of many of the illnesses, leading to an inability to avoid these in the future and therefore fear of illness.
  3. Mothers are frequently not using healthcare options that work with their child’s natural healing abilities, that promote emotional as well as physical wellbeing.

Your Essential Guide to Happy Healthy Children

Trevor Gunn is a Graduate in Medical Biochemistry, UK Licensed and Registered Homeopath, Lectures Worldwide and Author of the book ‘The Science of Health and Healing’.

This is a much-needed perspective on health and healing. It helps us to regain the innate understanding we once possessed.
Ginny W
I wish I had gone to his talks before I made any decisions about my child's health.
The Observer
I did my biomedical science degree and got blown away by Lawrence Plaskett's work but this weekend with Trevor Gunn made me realise I've still got tons to learn, thank you for an epic weekend of lectures.
D. Piper
I feel his knowledge greatly helped me understand this issue - Trevor was ahead of his time, as this was nearly 10 years ago and only now due to more cases and statistics, we are finally listening!
J. Nayar
'The Science of Health and Healing' - I can't recommend this book enough! He brought it all together so very well ... great to help the non-medical person understand.
S. Nakken
The Science of Health and Healing is one of the best books I have in my library on Health & healing. This book should be read by anyone who has been fascinated with the real causes of disease and healing.
W. Giman

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