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ongoing support, motivation and encouragement

Starts on Wednesday 16th February


Well done for taking part in The Inspired Practitioner Course regardless of how much content you have completed.

Now that we have experienced some time working together and have some shared insight on mind-body intelligence in disease, you have the basis to take this further to enhance your practise and your daily life.

‘Mastery’ is available to you if you want to continue this journey with Trevor and enjoy the added bonus of our wonderful like-minded community support.

You'll Get:

  • Continual encouragement and support to help you integrate everything you have covered in The Inspired Practitioner course, no matter how much you have completed.
  • Your questions answered about any module that you may be catching-up on from The Inspired Practitioner course.
  • NEW information and knowledge of other disease conditions and how they relate to mind-body intelligence
  • Ongoing guidance enabling you to implement all the new information
  • Motivation and guidance to help navigate your way through life with constant medical advances, information/mis-information, and coercive psychology

Topics Covered:


And blood sugar related illness, its impact on the fundamental terrain of the human mind and body


In all its various physical forms, prevention, susceptibility and intergrating the many treatment options

Heart Disease

An emotional centre of the body,  blood vessel and physical heart disease and their links to many conditions


The respiratory organs, the energy gateway of the body, bringing in and eliminating, chronic patterns of rhythm, energy and medication

Menopause and Female Hormones

A holistic view of the elements that effect menstruation, menopause and beyond

LDN – (Low Dose Naltrexone)

An orthodox drug used in a homeopathic manner for the treatment of cancer and autoimmune disease

Practitioner Development

Shared insight and information to enable you to communicate effectively to others and use your therapy to your highest potential

Further Topics

To be confirmed as we progress on our journey

Developing on what you have already learnt in The Inspired Practitioner course, we will be looking at other conditions and show how they connect with other disease processes.

Giving you full explanations in medical terms along with a holistic perspective.

We shall continue to illuminate the mechanisms behind the intelligence of the body in disease, illustrating how all the systems of the mind and body work to keep you well.


Ongoing monthly payment of:

£37 per month

You’ll get access to the Facebook group for immediate support.

Pay £37 now to join and automatically each month therafter.

You can cancel at anytime.

**Doors Close Midnight GMT Friday 28th January**

The Format:

This ongoing support will be structured with one 2 hour live session every two weeks on a Wednesday morning 10am – 12 noon.

Following the order of : Practitioner Development Lecture, Q&A, Specific Illness Lecture, Q&A, Case Studies, Q&A and then back to a Practitioner Development Lecture or new topic, depending on the needs of the group.

See the plan below as an example for the first 13 weeks to give you an idea of how we will run!

Week 1 – Wednesday 16th February 10am – 12noon

Practitioner Development Lecture (Overcoming Doubt)

A live lecture in the same format as the course with the option to complete a worksheet to help integrate what you have learnt.

Week 3 – Wednesday 2nd March 10am – 12noon

Q&A on Practitioner Development

Bring your questions to the live session or send them in beforehand if you are unable to attend

Week 5 – Wednesday 16th March 10am – 12noon

Specific Illness Lecture – (Diabetes)

A live lecture with powerpoint slides, the opportunity to ask questions throughout and recorded for you to access in your own time.

Week 7 – Wednesday 30th March 10am – 12noon

Q&A (Diabetes)

A Q&A on anything that has arisen from the previous live lecture

Week 9 – Wednesday 13th April 10am – 12noon

Case Studies (Diabetes)

Looking at case examples related to the condition presented in the previous lecture

Week 11 – Wednesday 27th April 10am – 12noon

Q&A on Case Studies

An opportunity to ask questions specifically about the case examples from the previous session together with questions about your own cases.

Week 13

Practitioner Development Lecture – (topic to be confirmed)

These practitoner development topics will be decided according to your needs as we progress on this journey

Week 15

Q&A on Practitioner Development Lecture

And so on…..

As ‘Mastery’ develops, we will build a library of content which you will be able to pick and choose topics from in any order that suits you.

Some lectures will need to be watched in order. However, most will be stand-alone.

**Doors Close Midnight GMT Friday 28th January**


Ongoing monthly payment of:

£37 per month

You’ll get access to the Facebook group for immediate support.

Pay £37 now to join and automatically each month therafter.

You can cancel at anytime.

First Live Session On Wednesday 16th February

Facebook Support Group Opens Tuesday 18th January For Immediate Support

**Doors Close Midnight GMT Friday 28th January**

Frequently Asked Questions:

When does it start?

The first live session will be on 16th February at 10am – 12noon. (Practitioner Development – Overcoming Self-doubt)

Will the live sessions be via Zoom?

Yes.  All live sessions will be hosted via Zoom and stored in New Zenler (which is exactly where The Inspired Practitioner Course was hosted.

We use Zoom rather than Facebook to host our live sessions to avoid censoring within Facebook.

How long will Mastery run for?

Mastery is a monthly ongoing support and mentorship which we plan to run indefinitely.  All the time you are happy with it, receiving the support you need and it works for us too, then we do not have an end date.

How long do we need to pay £37 for?

You need to pay £37 all the time you want to be part of Mastery.  If you choose to leave, then just cancel your payment and you will have ongoing support until the date that your next payment is due.

You can cancel at anytime.

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