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An essential first course on Holistic Childhood Healthcare

A free course designed to open up a world of safe and effective health-care opportunities. To help adults manage the health & illness of children in a positive way, one that enhances both the child’s physical and emotional well-being. Outlining the principles of holistic medicine in everyday language.

Helping you through the maze of alternative and conventional healthcare.

Importantly this course enables you to operate outside of the fear of disease and be less susceptible to the marketing of drugs and other interventions so that you are more able to make the choices that work for you and your children’s short and long-term health, as well as creating options for true preventative health care.

How to understand the simple choices that get to the root of your childs problems thereby avoiding complications in the long-term.

In a world of of confusion, with increasing chronic disease in adults and children this course provides clarity and an effective way out of fear-laden choices that often makes things worse. Discover how, through the correct support, recovery from illness can enhance development and in fact make you stronger.

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Level Price  
Level 1 - Free Select

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