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The Inspired Practitioner Elemenotr (1048 x 250 px)

Starts Monday 16th May

Be confident, motivated and inspirational,
even when it seems the world is against you

During these times…

As you are aware, many people are feeling uncertain about the future and worried about the consequences of a pharmaceutical-fuelled medical paradigm that has been building for decades.

It is now more important than ever that we come together and build a strong community of practitioners like you, so that you can feel confident and supported to share your insight with those who need to hear it.

This course will add to your knowledge-base and credibility, bridging the gap between the medical world and your holistic therapy, giving you simple protocols and a rationale to impart to your clients or patients.

This course is designed to increase your effectiveness as a holistic practitioner so that you find it easier to attract your patients onto a wider holistic journey, increasing the feeling of trust and respect from clients and those around you.

Naturally and organically spreading your positive message through your practise and communication, gaining new patients and in-turn, building a successful and busy practice.

**Doors Close Midnight GMT Thursday 14th April**

You'll Learn:

  • How to engage your patient on a longer-term committed journey with you to the health and vitality they truly desire
  • How to provide a road map for your patient to transform them from serious illness to wellness
  • What to add to your therapy to enhance the healing potential of your patients
  • How to prevent serious illness without creating fear, obsessiveness and limitation
  • How the immune system relates to all other physical systems, emotions, lifestyle, diet and inheritance
  • How to understand disease processes in medical terms with a holistic perspective
  • How all of the systems of the mind and body work to keep you well
  • Why you can trust the healing power of the body
  • How to explain the intelligence of the body during illness
  • How to make the patient feel safe in their health journey with you
  • How to stay grounded amidst the craziness of the world
  • How to communicate so that you feel respected, valued, and credible as a practitioner
  • How to speak to patients, family and friends with confidence about the things that matter to you

The Content:

Module One – The Purpose of Dis-ease

The Intelligence of Symptom Responses, Acute and Chronic Illness, Infectious Illness, Inflammation, Immunity, Antibodies and Immune Cells 

Module Two – Understanding Immunity

The Function of Allergies, Invasive Illness, Auto-Immune Disease, What Makes an Illness Dangerous, Specific Susceptibilities to Apparent Infectious Illness 

Module Three – Development of Patients from Child to Adult

The Purpose of Illness in Development, The Impact of Managing Illness in Childhood Development, Overcoming Fear and its Link With Physical Development,  Acquired and Inherited Patterns of Illness. 

Module Four – How Emotions Affect the Physical Body and Vice-Versa

What Emotions Affect Which Part of the Body, Emotions and Hormones, Emotions and Healing, Patterns of Emotions – Where Do They Come From and How Can We Change Them

Module Five – Looking at Cases – The Healing Journey

What Do We Need To Add or Take Away – Physically, Mentally and Emotionally to Enhance Healing, What Are the Stages of Healing

 Module Six – Understanding Yin and Yang

Male and Female, Right and Left-Brain in Respect to – Understanding Pathology, Healing and Making Your Life Work, How Do You Access Your Inner Guide, Moving Beyond the Course

 And More!

You can rest assured that this course has been created with flexibility in mind, so that you can fit the learning around your current commitments.

You'll Get:

  • 12 hours of Lectures (2 hours per week)

These will be Live lectures with the opportunity for you to interact via typed message. They will also be recorded so that you can watch them at a convenient time for you.

  • Teaching Aids and PowerPoint Presentations

The lectures will be complemented with PowerPoint presentations for those of you who have a more visual way of learning.  You’ll also be able to access these slides by pdf or print-out.

  • 16 Hours of Q & A (2 hours per week)

At the end of each week there will be a Live question and answer session.   You can send your questions in prior  or present your questions during the session.  These will also be recorded for you to watch in your own time.

  • Integration (catch-up) Weeks with Q & A

There will be two separate weeks* with no lectures so that you can go over what you have learned or catch-up on any missed lectures or q&a’s.  During these weeks, there will still be the 2 hour Live Q&A sessions so that you can address anything that arises during this time. (See ‘Dates For Your Calendar’ below)

*in addition to the catch-up weeks, there will be one week over the Christmas/New Year period with no lessons or q&a.

  • A Dedicated Facebook Group with Trevor’s Online Support.

There will be a specific Facebook group for this course where you can share whatever you are going through and receive Trevor’s support during Monday to Friday.  This is also a place where you will build community and can give and receive support at anytime to each other.

  • Printable Worksheets

With guided action steps to help you integrate your learning into your life and practice. You will have the opportunity for feedback, support and discussion about these worksheets.


This time only at this low investment…

*Especially for Holistic Practitioner Support Group members*


**Doors Close Midnight GMT Thursday 14th April**

Dates For Your Calender:

Module One
10am GMT Monday 16th May –  2 hour lecture
10am GMT Friday 20th May – 2 hour Q&A
Module Two
10am GMT Monday 23rd May –  2 hour lecture
10am GMT Friday 27th May – 2 hour Q&A
Integration Week
10am GMT Monday 30th May – no lecture (time for catch-up)
10am GMT Friday 3rd June- 2 hour Q&A
Module Three
10am GMT Monday 6th June – 2 hour lecture
10am GMT Friday 10th June -2 hour Q&A
Module Four
10am GMT Monday 13th June – 2 hour lecture
10am GMT Friday 17th June – 2 hour Q&A
Integration Week
10am GMT Monday 20th June – No lecture (time for catch-up)
10am GMT Friday 24th June – 2 hour Q&A

Module Five

10am GMT 27th June – 2 hour lecture
10am GMT Friday 1st July – 2 hour Q&A
Module Six
10am GMT Monday 4th July – 2 hour lecture
10am GMT Friday 8th July – 2 hour Q&A
Closing Ceremony (End of Course)
10am GMT Monday 11th July – 2 hour Closing Ceremony

“What you can do, or dream you can do, begin it now;

Boldness has genius, power and magic in it”  Goethe

The Perfect Time

Being a practitioner in these unprecedented times, requires an ability to communicate your message and educate your patients.

Currently, dominant messages are negative, disempowering, and ineffective in creating wellness, however, this is also an amazing opportunity for you to develop your holistic practice.

It is the perfect time for you to spread your knowledge and gifts to patients or clients, students, other therapists and members of the public who need to hear your message.

I warmly invite you to take part in this course so that together we will build a strong network of effective and inspired practitioners to help create the world that we want to live in.

**Doors Close Midnight GMT Wednesday 16th April**

We start on the 15th November!


Can I work through the course at my own pace?

Yes you can!  The course has been created with flexibility in mind so that you can fit it in around your busy schedule.

We have also added 2 ‘Integration Weeks’ (Catch-up Weeks) – with live Q&A.

(These catch up weeks are in addition to the 1 week holiday over Christmas/New year.

All Lectures and Q&A sessions will be recorded for you to watch in your own time.

And even if you can’t attend the live Q&A, you can still get your questions answered by sending them in beforehand.


How much work will I need to do in my own time?

In addition to the weekly 2 hour Lecture, we estimate about an hour per week to work through the worksheet for each lesson.

The 2 hour live Q&A’s are optional.

Will I have access to the course once it has finished?

Yes.  You will have full access to all course material, lectures, videos, content etc. after the course has finished.


I’m not sure if I can take part this time. Will you be running this course again in the future?

Yes.  We fully intend to run this course again, and next time share it far and wide.  However, this is the only time the price will be this low.


Can I share this course with my friends?

This current offer is especially for those of you in the Holistic Practitioner Support Group.

You are most welcome to invite your friends to the group. Please ask them to complete the 4 joining questions.

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