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There are some fascinating audio and video clips available that can help you to find your way through the maze of vaccination information, perfect for those of you that prefer a more audio/visual presentation of facts. Here is a selection of audio and video clips that I have chosen to illustrate some key points.

Vaccine Information: Science vs Commerce

The following is a clip by Dr Russel Blaylock, who is a favourite scientist of mine, he is a retired neuroscientist who continues to research the scientific evidence as it develops and is very level-headed about his conclusions. For me the main message from this clip is how he acknowledges the difference between the scientists, virologists and epidemiologists on one side, and the government messengers influenced by the pharmaceutical Industry on the other side. This is a very important point, many people believe that most of the science supports current vaccine policy when in fact most of it does not. This particular interview concerns swine flu vaccine and Dr Blaylock interviewed by Dr Joseph Mercola of makes the above point about two minutes into the interview.


Vaccine trials

We are however assured that the vaccines used in common medical practice have been trialled properly, at the least using the basic medical research protocol comparing vaccinated and non-vaccinated. Paediatrician, Dr Palevsky makes the point that this is not in fact what happens, even though when he was studying and practising medicine, he was lead to believe that these kinds of studies were carried out.


Are vaccines generally accepted to work by vaccine experts?

Of course most people in vaccine promotion would accept that vaccines do work, but interestingly how many of them have researched the information first-hand? Most promoting vaccines, doctors included, accept what they are told, what happens when vaccine experts decide to do some checking? The following is part of a very interesting interview with one of the top scientists in the world on vaccine research and regulation. Dr Shiv Chopra was employed for 35 years by the Canadian government regulatory department, ‘Health Canada’, with 20 years in vaccines and antibiotic regulation. He trained initially as a veterinarian and became an officer in veterinarian vaccine production and standardisation, then went to Canada and obtained a Masters degree and phD from Canadian University, McGill, in microbiology and toxicology and then a post doctorate in immunology, immunochemistry, and allergies and as a result became head of vaccine development at Miles Laboratory in the UK before going to work for the Canadian government. When asked about vaccine effectiveness he seems quite certain of the answer.


Do doctors and vaccine promoters know what viruses are?

Some very interesting issues come up from the previous interview, there is of course the assumption that smallpox has been eradicated and most people believe that is likely due to the vaccine, however the statistics show otherwise; when all other illnesses have been declining from 1840 to 1950, smallpox deaths actually increased with increasing use of smallpox vaccine. If you are interested in smallpox details that are rarely disclosed you can read an extract of my book ‘Vaccines-This book could remove the fear of childhood illness’ click here. Additionally when scientists speak of live and dead viruses, that is somewhat of a misnomer, viruses aren’t actually alive in the true sense of the word. You can read more of those details from another extract of my book ‘Vaccines…’ click here, and Dr Palevsky makes the point about viruses not being live in the following extract from his interview with Dr Mercola.


Vaccine dangers

What do the experts say about the safety of vaccines? The following interview with Dr Boyd Hayley Professor and Chair, Department of Chemistry, University of Kentucky, USA, gives details of some of the vaccine components that may cause severe problems and illustrates the lack of knowledge of these products that members of the vaccine regulatory boards have and the extent to which they go to avoid researching these issues.


What happens when health authorities discover vaccine dangers?

In the previous interview, Dr Boyd Hayley, like many scientists, exposes a problem with the mercury in vaccines, but as he suggests we needed to do follow-up studies, ideally from government agencies that can be trusted, with rigorous research standards and the financial resources to conduct large trials. This was clearly avoided for many years, but did eventually happen in 2003, with a study conducted by Dr Verstraeten of the USA Centre for Disease Control. Dr Verstraeten’s research also found that mercury-containing vaccines were linked to brain and nervous system problems, for more details of the report on this study read an extract of my book ‘Vaccines-This book could remove the fear of childhood illness’ click here. Unfortunately the main health authorities in the USA, and World Health Organisation saw fit to publicly announce the opposite to these research findings, effectively lying to the public, no other health agency around the world has publicised these findings either. The following video with Robert Kennedy Jr (attorney specialising in environmental law) illustrates the outrage felt by the public and some politicians to the cover-up of this issue by the health authorities.


Hidden by the media: The dangers of vaccines – Real life stories

The following is an extract from the recording of testimonies given to support legislation proposed in the State of Massachusetts USA that would give parents the right to refuse vaccinations for their children and still permit them access to schools. This hearing on 28th June 2011 gave doctors, scientists, advocacy groups and members of the public, a chance to recount their experiences of vaccinations, uncensored by the medical industry or the media.


The vaccination decision can be a challenging issue for some parents, there is clearly much information available, from government departments, pharmaceutical companies, scientists, health-care providers and experienced members of the public. However, finding your way through that information is another matter. One thing is for certain, unless you are able to look beyond the standard rhetoric, you will not be making an informed choice. This is an issue where you believe no-one, because of who they are, or who they are not, but work with the people that are able to help you to understand.

There are links to web pages, books and resources to diffferent authors on this site, there are of course my own articles, books and DVD. However, if after accessing relevant information you feel that a one-to-one talk, over issues that specifically concern you, will be of more benefit, I am happy to consult with you for the amount of time that you require, without the necessity to register as a patient. Please contact here, telephone/skype or email.

Research will be continually added to, public experience evolving and legislation constantly changing, so I shall endeavour to make that available to you as it happens; directly on this site, my vaccine site, social media outlets and via the newsletter.

I hope we can make this journey both enlightening and rewarding.
Wishing you the best of health
Trevor Gunn – Homeopath