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Many of the illnesses known as childhood illnesses are also considered to be infectious illnesses. From a holistic perspective it is obvious that the infectious agent (virus or bacteria) is not the only element needed for an individual to contract an illness. The individual will need to be susceptible to displaying the condition; they need to have the appropriate inherited chracteristics, i.e. have a skin, gland or lung susceptibility, have sufficient immune capability, have a suitable emotional susceptibility and an element of toxicity.

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Many individuals in contact with people with childhood illnesses do not contract the illness unless they are ready for it, remember epidemic proportions involve numbers less that 50 in 100,000 (0.05%). Susceptibility to illness tends to run in families or along a specific age groups at a certain point in a child’s development. It is also worth noting that children in relative isolation e.g. in Australian Famlands still contract childhood illnesses when there are no other children to catch them from.

Remember that when someone displays symptoms of an illness that they are reacting to some kind of stress, physical and/or emotional. In children these reactions are significant also because the child’s body has to learn how to do these immune reactions and therefore childhood illnesses mark a development in the child’s immune capability. Childhood illnesses can happen later as an adult if the immune learning has not happened as a child, as an adult however complications are more frequent. One common symptom is a fever which is a sign that the body is mobilising immune cells to where they are needed and raising the body temperature to a higher level to deal with toxins and germs. It is often dangerous to artificially bring this down in most people including children. To read more about this issue see an extract of my book ‘The Science if Health & Healing’ click here.

Childhood illnesses can become complicated if the childs immune system is suppressed, if their symptoms are not understood and are also suppressed with medication. Children do not catch serious illnesses they develop serious illnesses but if we are unaware of the process it may appear as though their illness suddenly appeared.

The naturopathic tradition of treating measles as documented in “The Hygienic care of children” by Herbert M Shelton and states:

 “…that the invasive consequences and other complications of measles must all be the results of suppressive treatment, since they never develop under Hygienic (naturopathic) care…This is evidence from an orthodox source, that complications are due to suppressing the eliminative effort through the skin – the rash.”

Many people are made to feel unnecessarily afraid of illnesses because companies want to sell medication or vaccines, many people in the UK are afraid of measles due to intense marketing campaigns by vaccine companies. For example in the USA people are afraid of chicken pox in much the same way people are afraid of measles in the UK, yet in the UK where there is no routine chickenpox vaccine most people view this illness as a simple childhood illness that their child will easily overcome. When vaccine companies target the UK with a chickenpox vaccine and appropriate fear mongering campaigns people will undoubtedly change their perception about chickenpox.

Vaccine companies focus our minds on trying to achieve certain things like increase antibodies with vaccines, yet this is scientifically mis-guided click here for an article about antibodies from the book ‘The Science of Health & Healing’. For most people other simpler and effective techniques may be missed, for example as reported in the British Medical Journal, 1987, 294, vitamin A supplementation reduces the measles mortality rate by seven times in under 2 year olds, and many studies show increase eye problems and deaths in children with vitamin A deficiency.

Acute illnesses (short intense illnesses) are reactions designed to deal with stressful life events (toxic, physical and emotional stress) the illness reaction can resolve the issue or fail to resolve the issue. If illnesses are not resolved then a chronic low level reaction persists (chronic illness), a simialar acute illness can re-appear later in the child’s life or in adulthood to resolve underlying issues not yet dealt with. If the person maintains a chronic condition withut ever resolving it they can pass on patterns of illness to their children which influences the types of illnesses their children have.

The rash in measles, rubella, chickenpox and the numerous other rashes that we have yet to classify have a specific funcion in children, they are learning to eliminate toxins and viral particles out of their bodies via their skin. If this issue is not dealt with, then it can lead to persistent reactions e.g. eczema and other persistent allergies. To read more about that issue see an extract of ‘The Science of Health & Healing’ click here.

It is important to understand how medication affects your child, what the illness means and therefore how to avoid illness and reduce the severity of an illness. Homeopathic remedies and other holistic therapies do not suppress symptom reactions and therefore make it easier for the child to resolve the illness properly, so they become less susceptible to illness after.

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There is much to learn about the significance of illnesses and why they happen, there is a lot of information about these kinds of illnesses available in my book about Vaccines and more details about the significance of illness in my book The Science of Health & Healing… however if you are interested in working with a practitoner then a suitably qualified holistic practitioner is probably the next step, click here for information about my practice or click here for a registered homeopath available near you in the UK.

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