Vaccine Books by Trevor Gunn

“I very much respect your diligence at looking at the
literature and carefully considering the issues…”

Dr Clements, Immunisation Director
World Health Organisation


A Mothers Vaccine Dilemma by Trevor Gunn

Trevor Gunn’s research into the effects of vaccines reveals how certain sectors of the medical community have misinterpreted the fundamental nature of disease thereby creating an unnecessary fear of illness. A fear that has led us to accept seemingly protective vaccines with a desperation that has left us oblivious to their consequences.

A solely orthodox medical approach to health & illness conceals the true ease in which serious disease can be avoided and increased health can be attained. The information presented in these books goes a long way towards satisfying the need for uncensored information critical for making effective health choices. This is the culmination of over 20 years, investigations, lectures and clinical practise, treating both vaccinated and non-vaccinated patients, including vaccine damaged.

Trevor’s analyses have also been put under scrutiny; corresponding publicly and directly with the World Health Organisation, representatives at the highest level of the WHO were unable to answer his critique of vaccines. As the expert witness in one of the first vaccine court cases in the UK, the judge ruled in favour of allowing the defending mother to leave her child unvaccinated.

Natural Immunity and Vaccine Books by Trevor Gunn

Trevor also acknowledges the emotions involved in the decision making process, the emotions exploited by the selling of drugs, vaccines or in fact any commercial commodity. As such you will find vital information, empowering individuals to be in control of their health and to once again feel safe in our world.

There are currently two books available to the public, the first ‘A Mother’s Vaccine Dilemma’ is a shorter version suitable for people looking into these issues for the first time. It covers a lot of the ground without lots of detail and research references, and can be read by anyone wanting an appraisal of the main issues, ideal for busy parents wanting a quick read. Click on the book or the following link if you would like to access the book:  A Mother’s Vaccine Dilemma

The second book, ‘Vaccines – This book could remove the fear of childhood illness’ is a much more detailed version, suitable for those of you wanting to understand more of the issues and needing additional research details. Click on the second book or the following link if you would like to access the book:  Vaccines