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When you come to your appointment please bring with you as many of the details described on the ‘First-Time Patient Questionnaire’ as possible click here, however, we can work with as little or as much as you manage, the most important thing is to have you present.

The appointment will involve an online video consultation with me, where we will explore as many of your symptoms as possible, from your own experience of them and from any test results that you may have. I may later suggest specific diagnostic tests to help assess underlying issues and you may be able to obtain these from your doctor or I have diagnostic services that I can refer you to. You are of course completely free to accept or decline further tests and I will be able to help you with as much or as little information you can provide.

I will ask you many questions about your symptoms, when they started, how you felt, what makes them better or worse etc. Additionally because your mental, emotional and physical states are also related to each other I will also ask you about some of those details as well. Patient reactions share some similarities, but are ultimately unique to you, so each condition needs to be treated in its own unique way.

For babies and children there are still many things to go over, including the pregnancy and birth details if possible, and all kinds of reactions that are less important in adults; wherever possible it is very important to have the mother present for any children’s consultations.

Sometimes we can find many causes, sometimes less so, often we will see correlations i.e. see that when one thing happens, other things happen as well, these details enable us to find appropriate remedies and lifestyle adjustments to help you get well. Because we take many case histories for many years, homeopaths are sometimes able to fill in missing gaps, relating to causes, how things happen, what makes things better or worse etc, this can help you understand issues that may not have been previously apparent to you.

Your first session usually lasts an hour, (allow 1 hour and 20 minutes) the time usually goes pretty quickly and can be quite revealing for people to view their life in such a manner. After the session I will prescribe a remedy for you and/or lifestyle advice, the remedies will be sent from the specialist homeopathic pharmacy direct to your home address, usually one day delivery. Many first aid and acute remedies are also available in most pharmacies and can be obtained sooner if so required.

Usually follow-up appointments occur between 2, 3 and 4 weekly intervals, depending on the nature of the case (most often 4 weekly intervals in the beginning) and less frequently as symptoms improve.Follow-up appointments take less time than your first consultation and are generally for 45 minutes (allo 60 minutes).

If you would like to have a more holistic perspective into a specific illness, please go to the ‘Conditions’ section to find a suitable issue that concerns you.

Consultation fees


Adult First Consultation £95 – (60 minutes – allow 1 hour 20 mins)

Adult Follow-up Consultations £60 – (45 mins – allow 60 mins)

Child First Consultation £75 – (60 minutes – allow 1 hour 20 mins)

Child Follow-up Consultations £50 – (45 mins – allow 60 mins)

Homeopathic remedies are not included in the fee, they are charged directly by the pharmacy and are approximately £5-£10 plus p&p for each one, they may last one to two months or longer and the amount needed will vary from case to case, you may obtain remedies from any source. The cost of the remedy is usually small compared to other supplements, treatments etc that you may wish to purchase. Your treatment is not dependent on you purchasing any particular supplement, brand, lifestyle change, or health service.

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