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I have been blessed with an interest in the human body ever since I was a young boy, but to be honest my interest from childhood was more a fascination with how things work, anything, from mechanical toys to more complex technological gadgets around me, and this eventually culminated in a fascination with the human body itself. I say blessed with this interest because I believe it is somewhat fortunate that my passion has given me the knowledge that keeps me vibrant and healthy, which at my age (now the other side of fifty years old) is a real asset when considering the level of chronic disease in the average population.

It has also been very useful when bringing up my own children where health issues are often so high on the agenda. I am also very grateful for the good fortune that seems to be a pre-requisite for the basic building blocks of well-being, things that often appear to lie outside of our control.

Trevor Gunn & Children

In deciding my career path, I had a very strong desire to find cures rather than simply prescribe medicines that other people had discovered, I wanted to be the research scientist not the prescriber. So I obtained a degree in medical biochemistry out of a keen interest to research the mechanisms of the human body, how it functions in health, why do things appear to go wrong in disease and how could I fix things.

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However I soon found that the application of this biochemical knowledge was rather limited for health improvement and light years away from understanding the whole mind-body connection. Limited because the thinking was so reductive, in biochemistry the human body was broken down into to ever smaller and smaller parts with no overall picture. The life of a medical biochemist seemed more and more focused on trying to find profitable drugs either for biological warfare or for known diseases, often merely to replace drugs whose patent life was about to expire.

At the same time I developed a fascination for Chinese philosophy and acupuncture, I couldn’t fathom how they could understand the inner workings of our being without physically looking into the body. It looked to me like a mechanic fixing your car engine without ever lifting the bonnet. In addition, one of my university professors died of cancer, yet he was an expert biochemist and was supposed to understood the inner most working of the cells. I could see that there was something clearly lacking in the biochemists view of he human body. So both of these issues led me to search for another way of treating disease and understanding health, I examined a wide variety of holistic therapies and eventually stumbled on homeopathy.

Trevor Gunn - herbal/homeopathic remedy
At that time (1985), as far as I was aware, homeopathy was hardly in the public eye, partly because there were so few practitioners, and it was also considered to be non-scientific, mainly as it couldn’t be explained by existing chemical models. However, to me it seemed to make complete sense, given the limitations of traditional biochemical models and the advances made in physics. Homeopaths were utilising the energetic qualities of medicines rather than their gross particle structures as evidenced in their biochemistry, and as physicists were discovering the basis of our material world was in fact energetic, homeopathy looked like the way forward.

The holistic understanding I gained from homeopathy did not replace biochemistry, it added another dimension and allowed a new perspective. After I qualified as a homeopath I started to treat people and eventually started to get good results, but then realised that homeopathy was only part of the bigger picture of health. Clearly people were getting ill because of other issues that could have been avoided, if only they had access to information about what causes illness.

You can’t keep saving people from drowning in a river downstream, without asking how are they falling in the river upstream…

The study of homeopathy opened up a wide variety of mind-body health understandings and I could witness the difference between the holistic and reductive approaches. I could start to see the intelligence of the human body in health and disease, and I could see the dangers of simply trying to stop symptom reactions with pharmaceutical drugs. At the same time I could see how simple interventions could create dramatic and long lasting improvements in physical, mental and emotional health.

So I started to give more health and lifestyle advice. Both patients and students wanted to know why natural remedies were more beneficial than pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines. Because of my biochemistry training it was relatively easy to explain the impact of pharmaceutical drugs, but had to do some more research to understand the full impact of vaccines and that’s when I found that things were far worse than I ever imagined 1988.

Trevor Gunn Homeopath - Vaccine Flyer

As a result of this I had to check more and more and then I had to tell people what I’d found, I gave public talks, wrote articles, books, conversed with Vaccine Authorities, Health Departments, Doctors and eventually the World Health Organisation (1991-1995).

Many of my patients are not vaccinated, my own four children the eldest is now 23 have never been vaccinated. I became known for this and as a side-issue people with suspected vaccine damage would bring themselves and their children to me, I would find ways to treat them and got involved first-hand in the difficulties parents had in identifying the problems, recognising the offending issues, obtaining compensation, navigating through the legalities etc. As the expert witness in one of the first vaccine court cases in the UK, the judge ruled in favour of allowing the defending mother to leave her child unvaccinated.

So I have found it is possible to help people find their own way in a maze of official guidelines and even more contradictory information, it is important to find what is good for you which may not of course suit the next person. Through my experience in homeopathy and background in Medical Biochemistry it has been possible to understand the wider context of illnesses, especially of the so-called infectious illnesses, linking physical pathology to inherited traits, environmental issues, childhood development, mental and emotional states.

For the last 20 years I have been giving talks and conducting more research into this area, helping parents and patients to understand the issues, supporting them in making choices, giving advice on how to maximize health and boost the immune system, one of the results of this work was in publishing my book – The Science of Health & Healing.

The Science of Health & Healing - Trevor Gunn

The Science of Health & Healing – Trevor Gunn

I have devoted a fair amount of time and energy to delivering talks and seminars for the general public and health professionals, since many of the significant factors that dramatically improve health are not financially lucrative and consequently are very rarely promoted. I have also realised that in order to make a real difference and help those that could benefit from this information I needed to communicate this message of public health to a wider audience, so I have been active in my own practice, writing, lecturing and producing material for the Internet, DVDs etc.

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Hopefully at the very least you will find a framework here for giving you a perspective that enables you to access both traditional and more holistic sources of information, so that you can better understand for yourself how to make safe and effective health choices for you and your loved ones.

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Wishing you all the very best in health & well-being
Trevor Gunn BSc Hons LCH M.ARH