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Trevor Gunn - Inflammation in neck

Homeopathy is a holistic therapy using medicines to stimulate the healing reactions of the patient and as such works with the intelligence of the body.

For example ‘inflammation’ is often a beneficial reaction of the patient to injury or toxicity, homeopathic remedies will be given that are able to help the inflammatory reaction which therefore helps the body to deal with the cause (the toxicity or injury) and as a result the symptoms are more quickly alleviated.

Homeopathic remedies are therefore useful where symptoms do not appear to be resolving or are causing a great deal of discomfort.

Mind and Body are related

Homeopaths also recognise that many symptoms of the body and mind are related and are also unique to each individual, therefore often one remedy can help to alleviate many symptoms. These symptoms often stem from a single cause and are part of the body’s coordinated attempt to resolve an issue.

Therefore homeopathy helps the body to resolve conditions from the cause to the effect, this can be in direct contrast to most pharmaceutical drugs which merely attempt to stop symptoms. Even apparently safe pharmaceutical medicines can have side-effects because they are often stopping the healing reactions of the body. Some people choose homeopathy because they prefer to work with their body naturally and have experienced the difference in the two approaches. In many cases patients using homeopathy have been able to gradually reduce or remove the need for conventional drugs. But pharmaceutical drugs do have there place, so it is useful to have a perspective as to when to use which approach, you can of course use the combined services of homeopathy and orthodox medicine.

Trevor Gunn - Plants & pills

Homeopathic medicines, often called ‘remedies’, are made from mineral, plant or animal sources, they are specially prepared depending on the initial substance and usually given in the form of small sugar tablets, powders or liquid. They can be in concentrated water and alcohol forms known as tinctures, dilute salts or more urltra dilute remedies. Most are taken by mouth and are usually tasteless or pleasant tasting tablets, some can even be applied to the body as creams and lotions.

Trevor Gunn - Homeopathic Remedies

Are they safe?
Homeopathy has an excellent safety record and all remedies are given in doses that are way below toxic levels, as such remedies can be used for all kinds of people including babies, children, elderly and pregnant.

Is homeopathy effective?

A 2005 study in Germany (Witt C, Keil T, Selim D, et al) found that homeopathy was more effective than conventional treatment for for some chronic conditions commonly seen in general practice; headache, low back pain, depression, insomnia and sinusitis in adults and eczema, hayfever and asthma in children.

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