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Trevor Gunn is a graduate in Medical Biochemistry a Licensed and Registered Homeopath and therefore ‘holistic’ health therapist. The terms ‘holistic’, ‘complementary’ and ‘alternative’ in healthcare refer to a plethora of preventative and therapeutic interventions, involving; therapies, supplements, diets, exercise and life style, they incorporate a multitude of diverse approaches. However there are some fundamental principles common to many, in particular the understanding that

…the body possesses highly evolved mechanisms designed to heal and keep you alive

The body is of course highly intelligent and is designed to continually maintain optimum health; even symptoms of disease are beneficial examples of the drive towards health, therefore

…it is far more effective to work with the body than against it

Holistic therapists recognise that your mind and body are capable of ‘reacting’ to life’s events in ways that are protective and with a capacity to learn, enabling you to deal with future encounters more effectively. Some events can be traumatic, for example if eating something poisonous your body would automatically recognise this as a problem and would eject the poison either by vomiting or diarrhoea. These ‘reactions’ are what we recognise as symptoms of disease, however…

…your reaction is part of the cure

Trevor Gunn - Anatomy Diagram

The Human Body Intelligent by Design

The ‘reaction’ (vomiting and diarrhoea) is therefore part of the ‘cure’ and it could be dangerous to simply try and stop the symptoms with for example pharmaceutical drugs; therefore in treatment (e.g. using homeopathy) we actually stimulate the curative reaction, which enables the body to react more efficiently and therefore quicker, sometimes remedies can be so effective that the symptoms appear to just disappear. But it is also just as important to recognise the real cause(s) of the problem and where possible address these causes, because resolving the problem may also involve a simple lifestyle adjustment.

…It is important to know the difference between the cause of the problem and your reaction to the problem

We therefore separate the ‘problem’ from the ‘reaction’, the reaction is often described as our symptoms. As therapists we are also able to understand how all of your symptoms relate to each other. Often symptoms occurring in one part of your body will be connected to other symptoms elsewhere in mind or body. As with the Chinese saying;

…step on a cat’s tail and the mouth screams, the problem is not in the mouth!

In society we often view the reaction and the problem as though they were the same, never distinguishing causes, worse still suppressing reactions i.e. suppressing cures and rarely making appropriate connections between one part of your body and another. This may happen with our physical, mental and emotional symptoms.

…The suppression of the curative reaction often causes deeper persistent problems

and as therapists we are often working to reverse suppressions. This is often the consequence of the indiscriminate use of pharmaceutical drugs including vaccines, antibiotics, steroids, tranquillisers, etc and in such cases the causes, often toxins, dietary issues, mental and emotional stresses, are ignored.

…If you would like to study more about the intelligence of the body in disease,
access ‘The Science of Health & Healing’ page

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 The Science of Health and Healing - Trevor Gunn

The ability to separate problems from reactions (‘curative reactions’) and the use of therapy to reverse suppressions and stimulate reactions i.e. the ‘cure’ enables therapists to treat some apparently incurable conditions, helping patients to maintain high levels of health. Often we are helping patients to regain confidence in the workings of their own bodies, understanding health and illness in ways they never thought possible, creating stable situations, ultimately free of medication and free of therapy. If you would like to have increased levels of health and know other people that would, homeopathy could be for you.

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Wishing you well on your journey to increased health and well-being

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