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By Trevor Gunn

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Homeopathy and Holistic Health for all the Family - WELCOME!

This site is being produced by homeopath & graduate in medical biochemistry Trevor Gunn, to help those of you wishing to gain a more holistic perspective of your health issues. You will find access to recommended sources of information, remedies, supplements and lifestyle advice, as well as details of Trevor's homeopathic practice. Written in everyday terms we hope to bridge the gap between modern medicine and holistic therapy enabling you to make easier, more effective and safer health choices.

Holistic Practitioner Support Group

This free group is for you if you are a holistic Practitioner or studying a holistic therapy and would like to enhance your existing therapy, through learning about modern illnesses in a holistic manner.

  • Discover the mind, body and environmental causes of illness
  • Educate your patients using modern day terms
  • Enrol your patients on a holistic journey of health
  • Utilise effective processes and lifestyle measures to enhance your therapy
  • Understand the wisdom of the body in dis-ease and add a new dimension to your patient’s understanding of their ailment
  • Learn to connect mind and body with modern disease in a manner that is more congruent with your own therapeutic philosophy

I wish I'd gone to his talks before I made any decisions about my child's health.

The Observer

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Healthcare that works ...

Trevor Gunn Homeopathic Philosophy Picture

Holistic therapists recognise that our minds and bodies react to challenges in ways that are protective, and with a capacity to learn, enabling us to deal with future encounters more effectively. These reactions are what we recognise as symptoms of illness and are in fact part of our 'cure'.

…yes, your symptoms are part of the cure!

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