Trevor Gunn - Superfoods by Creative Nature


Superfoods are naturally occuring foods that are high in essential nutrients, thay are very useful as an alternative to supplements as their nutrients are in their most natural state and therefore not subject to commercial processes, regulations and restrictions.

They can be taken daily as part of your normal diet in drinks, snacks and as ingredients in many recipes, some of these foods can be in dried forms. They are generally cultivated to the highest standards with no additives and are therefore useful for regular and daily intake as part of a healthy life-style.

The components of superfoods cover essential nutrient areas such as; anti-oxidants, enzymes, vitaimins, minerals, essential fatty acids, phytonutirents etc.

A favourite company of mine is a UK organisation called Creative Nature with the highest quality products and ethics, you can access them here at You will find most of the essential superfoods that are curently on demand in the UK: Green Foods, Bee Products, Cacao, Suma, Macca, Guarana, Hemp, Himalayan Salt, Gogi Berries, Seeds, Teas.