Vaccine DVD by Trevor Gunn


 “I wish I’d gone to his talks before I made any

decisions about my child’s health…”

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Trevor Gunn’s research into the effects of vaccines originated from his study of homeopathy and background in Medical Biochemistry, a study that opened him up to a wide variety of mind-body health understandings. Through his clinical practice he witnessed first-hand the difference between the holistic and orthodox approaches, could see the intelligence of the human body in health and disease, and the dangers of simply trying to stop symptom reactions with pharmaceutical drugs, in terms of making people more sick.

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But vaccines appeared to be different, a little of something that causes disease could help you, the principle almost sounds homeopathic, vaccines were, after all, stimulating beneficial immune reactions and not on the face of it suppressive. So from 1989 to date Trevor has spent time researching vaccines and their full impact on the human body, and has consistently been asked to tell people what he has found. So for the last 22 years he has given public talks, wrote articles, books, conversed with Vaccine Authorities, Health Departments, Doctors and eventually the World Health Organisation.


Trevor Gunn


Many of his patients are not vaccinated, his three children, the eldest is now 20, have never been vaccinated. He became known for this and as a side-issue people with suspected vaccine damage would bring themselves and their children to him, he would find ways to treat them and got involved first-hand in the difficulties parents had in identifying the problems, recognising the offending issues, obtaining compensation, navigating through the legalities etc.

Trevor Gunn was the expert witness in one of the first vaccine court cases in the UK,
the judge
ruled in favour of allowing the defending mother to leave her child unvaccinated.



The following DVD is the recording of a presentation on the main vaccine issues condensed to approximately 1 hour, looking at the current and historical evidence surrounding the controversial issue of vaccination. By examining the detail as well as the overview, Trevor reveals how vaccines affect the physical body, as well as their impact on our mental and emotional faculties. Trevor explores the wider context of disease and immunity, illustrating how current models of thinking have developed with regard to immunisation, immunity and infectious illness. This enables us to see that the scientific evidence does, in fact, point to a more holistic view of disease.

Trevor Gunn AV3 Vaccine Lecture DVD

This presentation provides insight into the alternative ways of looking at health and disease outside of fear and risk analysis, and a way out of the dilemmas faced by many in their vaccine decisions. Yet, far more significant than exposing severe side-effects or an ineffective intervention, is the impact of conventional medicine on our perception of illness, and ultimately our preconceptions as to what we are capable of as human beings. By investigating not only which ideas and approaches have dominated modern health care, but also why, Trevor investigates the psychological, philosophical and commercial pressures that have helped to shape modern medicine and continue to shape us as human beings.

Filmed at the AV3 event in Bristol 2009, this video is NOW (2016-2017) in the process of being added to, as there was so much more information useful to the video that needed to be included but was left out of the presentation due to time constraints. Please click here if you would like to register your interest in seeing this video and/or pre-order the DVD for £11.99 inc p&p.