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Being unvaccinated doesn’t protect you from disease either – so what’s the alternative?

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I gave a response to a newspaper article about diphtheria and the following question arose from my initial post: Question But Trevor, there is nothing in your response regarding the fact that this kid did not have the vaccine and he died, and the only other case in London was in 2008 and also affected an unvaccinated child. So, I am just wondering, does this vaccine work, did the kid have any underlying conditions, is this one of the diseases […]

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Travel – Vaccines or Not ?

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For those of you not wanting to take travel vaccines I am often asked what I would advise and if I give homeopathic alternatives. There are of course therapists that prescribe homeopathic remedies as an alternative to vaccines, generally those covering the common childhood issues. The idea here is to give a pre-defined programme of what is termed ‘nosodes’ (remedies made from disease products) that stimulate an existing susceptibility to an illness. If such a remedy does bring out a […]

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