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Pregnancy & vaccines?

I was recently asked by a lady in early pregnancy what I thought about vaccinations for pregnant women, given that she was being offered vaccines in the near future. I found it difficult to conceal my dismay that such a thing was now happening to women in pregnancy, when most of the science shows that this is potentially very dangerous to the unborn child and mother, and for questionable benefit. Immune stresses of any sort during pregnancy are dangerous, the […]

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Why drugs that work, don’t work.

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Drugs that work, don’t actually work!   Alan Cassels drug policy researcher at the University of Victoria in British Columbia, has recently published his book “Seeking Sickness: Medical Screening and the Misguided Hunt for Disease“ he shows how individuals that are not actually sick could experience more harm than benefit from so-called health screening. These health screens will often place individuals on medication for conditions that may never have manifested any symptoms, in addition the various screening processes and scans, […]

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