Pregnancy & vaccines?

I was recently asked by a lady in early pregnancy what I thought about vaccinations for pregnant women, given that she was being offered vaccines in the near future. I found it difficult to conceal my dismay that such a thing was now happening to women in pregnancy, when most of the science shows that this is potentially very dangerous to the unborn child and mother, and for questionable benefit. Immune stresses of any sort during pregnancy are dangerous, the mothers response creates immune chemicals as a last resort only, because the developing child cannot cope with those immune chemicals, regardless of the type of stress that caused them. In the same way we know that high levels of adrenalin and cortisol can have a negative impact on the child, we therefore minimise, as far as possible, all stresses to the mother. The following excerpt from a lecture given by Dr Russell Blaylock, specialist in brain and nerve function illustrates the point very well:

Then of course we would expect some safety trials of these vaccines, and even if vaccine producers were not up to date with the science, then at least their trials would highlight the potential problems. However, the following video clip of Gary Null, presenting evidence on the nature of flu vaccine trials, illustrates a shocking disregard of the vaccine manufacturers for the safety of pregnant women.

It is of course very challenging for individuals to find accurate information from which to make the best health choices for themselves and their loved ones, I would certainly advise the precautionary principle; first do no harm and you can usually wait until you feel you have asked from a range of health experts to find what’s right for you. The previous example is unfortunately not unique to the vaccine industry, so for more insight into the vaccination issue generally see my vaccine info page containing easy to understand and short video clips of experts explaining the main problems with vaccines. click here

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